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Blog and Comment

19 August 2015Divorce Mediation

Marriage on the rocks?

Lindsay Halliwellposted byLindsay Halliwell Senior Associate

A recent study reported in The Times has revealed some surprising results - those who live by the coast are more likely to divorce. Whilst Blackpool has the highest divorce rate in the country, within the top 10, Weymouth and Portland and the Isle of Wight are also singled out as areas where marriages are more likely to fail than not.... Read more

1 June 2015Divorce

Pension reforms and divorce - how the recent changes may affect you...

Lindsay Halliwellposted byLindsay Halliwell Senior Associate

The pension freedom reforms that came into force on 6 April 2015 may impact upon pay-outs divorcees receive from their ex-spouse’s pension. The reforms give people more power to spend, save or invest their pensions, allowing over 55s to cash in their entire pension pot subject to taxation which will have unforeseen consequences for those who benefit from ‘attachment’ or ‘earmarking orders’.... Read more

12 May 2015

Changes to bankruptcy threshold – what this means for you...

Peter Rolphposted byPeter Rolph Managing Partner

On 1 October 2015 the bankruptcy level will increase from £750 to £5,000. The bankruptcy level is the minimum amount that a creditor must be owed by an individual before a bankruptcy petition in relation the individual can be lodged at court. How much of a difference will this change make?... Read more

25 March 2015

Class MB Permitted Development Rights - Is it really the best thing for you?

Simone Ritchieposted bySimone Ritchie Senior Associate

One year has passed since permitted development rights were extended to allow the change of the use of a building and any land within it from agricultural use to use as a residential dwelling. Whilst in theory it was supposed to encourage the utilisation of unused agricultural buildings in rural areas, there remain many restrictions in place which have hindered the full exploitation of this permitted right.... Read more