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Blog and Comment

18 February 2015Mediation

Dramatic increase in Court Fees set for April 2015

Peter Rolphposted byPeter Rolph Managing Partner

Court fees for claims over £10,000 are set to dramatically increase in April 2015. The controversial move, which has drawn criticism from Judges as being a restriction on access to justice, will see fees charged at 5% of the value of the claim, with a cap at £10,000 for claims with a value of £200,000 plus.... Read more

26 January 2015Tax

Tax changes for Non UK Domiciled individuals

Sue Adamsposted bySue Adams Partner

Many individuals resident in the UK on a long term, but not permanent basis, are 'domiciled' in another country. As such, they are entitled to pay income and capital gains tax on their foreign income and capital gains on the 'Remittance Basis'. This can often be sensible option, but the rules and charges involved are set to change this year so it’s important to plan ahead.... Read more

8 January 2015

Social Media: Think before you post

Lindsay Halliwellposted byLindsay Halliwell Senior Associate

Chances are that you've not only heard about social media but you’re using at least one of the many different social channels on offer. The increasing range of portable technology such as smartphones and tablets coupled with wifi and 4G means that people are able to project their thoughts and feelings in an instant. Research shows that the average attention span reduced from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2013. Coupled with the perceived need to be ahead of the game, in an internet world that never sleeps, ill thought out comments are likely to haunt you in the public domain indefinitely.... Read more