Court of Protection

Working with you

The Court of Protection oversees the affairs of those who lack the mental or physical capacity to manage themselves.  Whilst the majority of contact with the Court of Protection relates to the affairs of elderly people, this is not always the case and involvement will extend, for example, to a young person who has suffered a traumatic injury. The Court appoints Deputies to manage the property or welfare issues of those unable to do so and supervises the work of those Deputies. The Court can therefore deal with matters ranging from authorising the completion of a will to deciding where somebody should live or what medical treatment they should receive.

We have experience in dealing with all aspects of Deputyship including, where necessary, acting as Deputy.  We have been involved in a wide range of applications to the Court of Protection including statutory wills, disputes regarding powers of attorney, contact and residence.

Specialist advice

We advise on a full range of  Court of Protection issues including:

  • application to the Court for appointment of Deputies
  • disputes about where a person should live or the care they should receive 
  • disputes over deprivation of liberty
  • disputes about medical treatment
  • applications for statutory wills and permissions to make gifts

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