Working with you

Difficulties can arise in school for parents and children.  Entance into your preferred choice of maintained school can be a problem and even once there, issues can arise in relation to educational provision or support, discipline or even discrimination. 

In the independent sector issues can also arise which can impact on your child’s education. These can include disciplinary appeals and contract disputes with the school.

Special educational needs is particularly difficult for parents and can arise in both the maintained and independent sectors requiring parents to engage in a multilayered system which is often difficult to understand.  Ensuring your child is properly assessed and provided with appropriate support or even a Statement of Special Educational Needs where required is essential.  We have wide experience in assisting parents with these matters and helping them negotiate the legal issues which can arise in the educational environment.

We also help adults, particularly at college or university, who might find themselves the subject of disciplinary action or inadvertent discrimination on the grounds of disability.

Specialist advice

We advise on a full range of educational issues including:

  • admissions and admissions appeals
  • disciplinary appeals
  • special educational needs including applications to the tribunal
  • gifted and talented discrimination





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