Mediation: Helping you find a better solution

Our specialist mediators are trained to help clients make their own decisions, whether in relation to finance or children arrangements, following a relationship breakdown.

What is mediation?

An impartial professional third party called a mediator is voluntarily appointed by the parties to help identify and resolve a number of issues. The mediator does not advise you but rather suggests relevant options taking into account what a court may order. Mediation can be undertaken prior to commencing court proceedings or in the course of those proceedings.

All of the discussions that take place within mediation is are private and confidential and cannot be disclosed within any court hearing or process. 

Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM)

Separated couples who wish to make an application to the court for assistance resolving issues relating to either finances or children must attend a compulsory session called MIAM befrore they are permitted to issue their application. 

How does mediation work?

This varies depending on the complexity of the issues as to how many sessions are required.

Within family financial mediation, you will be asked to provide evidence of your financial circumstances to ensure that decisions are relevant to your circumstances. Sessions normally last an hour and a half and are face to face, either in the same room or you and your ex partner can be in separate rooms (shuttle mediation). 

The mediator may also suggest that you take legal advice and/or financial advice between sessions.

Any decisions that you make will be incorporated by the mediator into a Memorandum of Understanding to be sent to your legal representatives (if you have one) so they can prepare a  legally binding agreement or order for the court’s approval.

For more information about mediating with us or to arrange a MIAM, please contact Lindsay Halliwell on 01202 204514 or by email, Lindsay Halliwell. Alternatively please complete the form below and return to Steele Raymond LLP Richmond Point 43 Richmond Hill Bournemouth BH2 6LR

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