Powers of Attorney

Working with you

Most people are aware of the importance of setting up Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) to protect their family, business and assets should they become unable to manage their own affairs through mental or physical illness or accident.  LPAs are not just for the elderly. Everyone should give some thought to what would happen if they were unable to continue, temporarily or permanently to manage their affairs. An LPA gives you the chance to consider and put measures in place in advance.

An LPA is a legal document, which gives another person authority to act for you in relation to your affairs. There are two types.

  • Property and Financial Affairs

    This LPA relates to all your financial affairs, including running your business, paying your bills, managing your investments and bank accounts and selling or buying property on your behalf.

  • Health and Welfare

    This LPA relates to decisions concerning your day to day living arrangements, care, and possibly medical treatment. You can also give your attorney(s) authority to make a decision about life sustaining treatment.

We help you to decide who to appoint as your attorney(s) and whether they should act together or separately. We explain the procedure and deal with the registration of the documents at the Office of the Public Guardian on your behalf.

We charge a fixed fee for most LPAs.

Specialist Advice

We have experience in the procedure to assess if a person is mentally capable of giving instructions for the setting up of LPAs and can assist with family disputes or problems which may arise following the setting up of LPAs.

We cover the complete procedure for setting up and registering the LPA within our fixed fee arrangement.

We also deal with applications to register Enduring Powers of Attorney (the old style power of attorney).

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