UK Tax for International Clients

Working with you

Individuals who are not domiciled in the UK, or not resident, very often need detailed UK tax advice in relation to offshore income and capital, whether held personally or through offshore trusts or company structures.

We have a clear understanding of the UK tax issues that you need to consider if there is an international element to your affairs.

Legislation in this area has become increasingly complex. The UK’s Finance Act 2008 introduced new rules concerning the income tax and capital gains tax treatment of people who are UK resident but not UK domiciled for tax purposes. More recently a new regime has been introduced to define ‘residence’ and a new tax charge has been imposed on UK property held within a company.

We can help in a number of different situations. For example, you may be unsure if you are UK domiciled or not and if so, we can examine this with you to identify the correct position.

If you are a beneficiary of an offshore trust in receipt of a capital payment we can provide advice on your correct tax position. We can advise trustees of an offshore trust needing guidance on the UK tax implications of payments to beneficiaries.

You may be thinking of moving abroad, or coming to live in the UK and you want to check your income and capital gains tax position before you move any assets or take up new employment.

We can advise on the setting up of trusts offshore and also the winding up of existing structures which no longer serve their purpose.

Specialist Advice

  • for Non UK Domiciled and non UK resident individuals
  • establishing your domicile status
  • establishing Residence for individuals, companies and trusts
  • income tax and capital gains
  • the remittance basis
  • inheritance tax
  • offshore trust and company structures – setting up, restructuring and winding up
  • double taxation issues
  • the UK family home

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