A Message from the Trainee Partner

I have been involved in the recruitment and supervision of trainee solicitors for many years.  I take a great sense of pride in helping a trainee develop his or her career. 

I am fully committed to ensuring that trainees receive proper training with the firm.  I meet with the trainees on a regular basis to make sure that everything is going well.   

I manage the training programme ensuring that the trainee's requirements are matched with the demands of the business.

I am often asked what makes an application for a training contract stand out.  For me, the applicants who demonstrate exceptional personal achievement and have a good awareness of the firm are more likely to succeed. 

I firmly believe that trainees are an integral part of the business.  When interviewing trainees, I am looking for somebody who has the potential to become a future partner of the firm.

If you would like to discuss training contracts in Bournemouth please contact me.